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All Hands on Deck Maritime Training

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 All Hands on Deck Maritime Training - Call P: 0434803687 - 7 days 8am- 8pm
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  650+ Exam Questions for Coxswain & Master V 
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AMSA Task Book | AMSA Trial Assessment
Coxswain Exemption 38 Certificate Information
All Hands on Deck Maritime Training have been conducting maritime training since 2002. Our commitment is to assist our customers in obtaining their marine licence and/or qualification. We can be contacted 365 days a year. As an RTO with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and a 'Registered Training Organisation' with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) we conduct training in the following areas:
Boat and PWC (Jetski) Licence
Coxswain Ticket
Deckhand (GPH) course
Marine Radio Licence 
Coastal Navigation
All enrolments for the Coxswain Course or Deckhand (GPH) Course receive a
NSW Boat Licence course for FREE.
Valued at $225.00.
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